Mosa New Magic Weld

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Category: 1900-01-B-B1
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Make: Mosa
model: New Magic Weld


Launched in 2005 the New Magic Weld is a compact professional welder-generator which is easy to transport. The entire machine weighs only 34kg and is powered by a Honda petrol engine with an innovative permanent magnet alternator giving a 150 A DC welding output with “power on demand” auto idle control to reduce fuel consumption and engine wear. The New Magic Weld is able to weld any kind of electrodes (basic, rutile, cellulosic) up to 3,25 mm thanks to Mosa Power Optimiser Technology. In addition, there is 2 kw DC auxiliary power available for small electric tools or lighting. The New Magic Weld is an indispensable machine when it comes to mobile repair welding.


Arc welding source in D.C. welding
Welds any type of electrode, including cellulosic
High frequency control of welding current and voltage
High performing alternator w/permanent magnets
D.C. generator
Chopped D.C. auxiliary current (safe for tools)
HONDA OHV Gasoline Engine
Engine shut-down (oil pressure)
MOSA Power optimiser (patent pending)
Economizer (Auto-Idle)
Portable (34 kg)
Meets EC directives


D.C. Welding
Current range, continuous 30 – 150 A
Duty circle 150 A – 60%
Open circuit voltage 67 V
D.C. Generation (permanent magnet alternator, self-excited, brushless) 
Single-phase generation (max) 2 kW / 230 V c.c. / 8.7 A
1.5 kW / 110 V c.c. / 10.9 A
Single-phase generation (continuous) 1.6 kW / 230 V c.c. / 9.6 A
1.2 kW / 110 V c.c. / 10.9 A
Insulating class H
Engine (gasoline, 4 stroke air cooled, OHV, air cooled) 
Type Honda GX 200
Output 4kW (5.5 HP)
Speed 4000 rpm
Displacement 196 cm3
Cylinders 1
Fuel consumption (welding 60%) 1.1 l/h
Maximum output, not overloadable, according to SAE J1349
General specification
Tank capacity 3.1 l
Running time (at duty cycle 60%) 3 h
Protection IP 23
Dimension (Lxlxh) mm 420x360x480
Weight 34 kg
Noise level 99 dB (A) (74 dB(A) @ 7 m)

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Mosa New Magic Weld

Category: 1900-01-B-B1

Make: Mosa

model: New Magic Weld

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    IMPORTANT: Once a booking request has been submitted, a representative will contact you via phone or email.