Thomas 25GT

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Category: 1600-01-A-A1
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Make: Thomas
model: 25GT



Big machine performance in a 
small package … 
The compact Thomas 25GT is designed 
to get you to your work no matter how 
tight the quarters. And, when you get 
there, the 25GT has the power and 
performance features to make short work 
of any job you take on. 
The power starts with its rugged Kohler 
Command Pro 25 HP air cooled gasoline 
engine. This workhorse of the industry 
provides serious power to the wheels 
through the loaders heavy duty low 
speed high torque hydraulic motors and 
heavy duty chain drive system. 

True digging performance 
Unlike most of its competitors the 25GT 
is not just a simple lift and carry 
machine. This loader gives you true 
digging and excavating performance. 
The 25GT provides you with more 
breakout force than most full size skid 
steer loaders. Producing over 1450 lbs 
(658 kg) of breakout force means easy 
bucket loading even in the toughest 
conditions ensuring faster more 
efficient work cycles.

Spill proof self-level system… 
Your 25GT comes equipped as 
standard with a bucket 
self-leveling system. This no spill 
feature allows you to handle any 
load with ease. 
No matter whether it’s a full bucket 
load or your lifting a pallet of 
bricks, the load will remain level 
throughout the boom lifting and 
lowering cycle.

Go anywhere … 
The 25GT provides you quick and nimble performance. The units 9 inch 
(230 mm) tracks provide superior traction and unparalleled flotation. 
When the going get’s soft the 25DT floats over the surface generating a 
light 4.5 psi (0.3 bar) ground pressure.


Operating Capacity 50% of Tipping, lb. (kg) 557 (252) 
Operating Capacity 35% of Tipping, lb. (kg) 390 (177) 
Tipping Load, lb. (kg) 1113 (505) 
Travel Speed, Inching Range, mph (km/h) na 
Travel Speed, Low Range, mph (kmh) 1.5 (2.4) 
Travel Speed, High Range, mph (km/h) 3.2 (5.1) 
Travel Speed, Max. High Range, mph (km/h) na 
Shipping Weight, lb. (kg) 1920 (871) 
Operating Weight, lb. (kg) 2220 (1007)

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Thomas 25GT

Category: 1600-01-A-A1

Make: Thomas

model: 25GT

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    IMPORTANT: Once a booking request has been submitted, a representative will contact you via phone or email.