Tsurumi TE3-HA/TE5-RX

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Category: 1300-02-E-E1
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Make: Tsurumi
model: Tsurumi TE3-HA/TE5-RX


Constructed for maximum durability, our dewatering pumps are compact and lightweight, built with the contractor in mind. Available with Honda and Subaru gasoline engines.

TE2/TE3-HA Centrifugal Pumps 


TE-25HA is ideal for general dewatering on small applications. Whether used to irrigate or perform all purpose cleaning, you’ll be impressed by the easy starting and quiet running features. 

Powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine, this lightweight beauty is capable of running nearly 1.25 hours on a tank of gas.

TE3-50HA/80HA/100HA Centrifugal Pumps: 

Heavy-Duty Honda gas engine with oil sensor and Silicon Carbide mechanical seal provides the lognest life in this class. 

Cast Iron impeller and volute casing.

Durable Rolled-Steel frame provides pump/engine with maximum protection, perfect ease of handling or transport, and safe operation.

TE5 RX Centrifugal Pump (formally TE2)

Available in 2 and 3 inch sizes.

Powered by extremely quiet Subaru EX engines.

Low emission levels and two dBA quieter than competitive models.

Heavy Duty Chain Drive OHC System.


ModelSuction Size (in.)Discharge Size (in.)Engine ModelShipping Weight (lbs.)Shipping Dimensions (in.)
TE2-100HA4 NPT male4Honda GX-24010925x18x24
TE2-25HA1 NPT male1Honda GX-25129x14x13
TE3-50HA2 NPT male2Honda GX-1205519x15x18
TE3-80HA3 NPT male3Honda GX-1606421x17x19
TE5-50RX2 NPT male2Subaru EX166021x17x19
TE5-80RX3 NPT male3Subaru EX176421x17x19

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Tsurumi TE3-HA/TE5-RX

Category: 1300-02-E-E1

Make: Tsurumi

model: Tsurumi TE3-HA/TE5-RX

Call (416) 739-7264

    Once a booking request has been submitted, a representative will contact you via phone or email.

    IMPORTANT: Once a booking request has been submitted, a representative will contact you via phone or email.